4 Tips to Help You Purchase Jewelry Like a Pro

We buy fine jewelry as a way of expressing our love, appreciation, and commitment to the special people in our lives, or for fashion purposes. It’s estimated that 38 million Americans will purchase fine jewelry or watches in any given year. To buy top-quality bridal jewelry or fashion jewelry, you should purchase from the trusted jeweler near you.

Here are 4 tips to consider when purchasing jewelry.

1. Consult With an Experienced and Reputable Jeweler

If you’re buying jewelry for the first time, it may be hard to differentiate between real and plated jewelry. Although there are ways to know if your jewelry is the real thing or just plated, you may not have the time to conduct such experiments. It is easier if you consult an experienced gemologist when buying fine jewelry. That’s why the top jewelry shops usually employ expert gemologists to certify all their pieces. When you purchase jewelry from a top jeweler, it won’t matter what type of gemstones you purchase — diamonds, emerald, or sapphire — you’ll be sure that they’re genuine and of high-quality.

2. Know What Type of Metal You Prefer

The type of metal you pick for your ring matters, especially when choosing wedding rings. Your choice will be influenced by your taste and color choice. Luckily, metals can be strengthened and colored without losing their original quality. If you want shiny personalized rings, you may opt for silver. Sterling silver has a wonderful and white luster that is perfect for wedding jewelry.

For classic beauty that oozes class and opulence, you can choose white gold or yellow gold. Gold is mostly alloyed with other metals such as copper, zinc, nickel, palladium, or silver to strengthen it and change its color. Jewelry made from pure gold is classic and costly too. When buying gold jewelry, you will want to know how many karats the gold has. Pure gold is 24 karats, while 18 karats gold contains 75% gold, and 25% of other metals such as copper or silver. Platinum is another favorite metal for jewelry that’s the purest precious metal. It is a white metal that is extremely dense and even more expensive than gold.

3. Consider Custom Made Jewelry

When buying jewelry for your loved one, you may opt for custom jewelry, especially for bridal jewelry. The top jeweler can build you a perfect piece from scratch, or fabricate existing jewelry to add a unique touch. With custom jewelry, you get to choose the specifications you want. If you’re looking to make a lasting impression on your significant other, opt for custom wedding jewelry. Personalized jewelry is also the go-to choice for people in the showbiz and fashion industry.

You can have a custom jeweler make gold rings with engravings, or add a monogram or a birthstone to your jewelry. Custom jewelry is a thoughtful and practical gift to give your loved ones as birthday presents. Today, many jewelers have online platforms where you can customize your jewelry before ordering.

4. Confirm the Ring Size of Your Loved One Before Purchasing an Engagement Ring

Having the exact ring size of your spouse will help you get a fitting engagement ring or wedding ring. It will save you the embarrassing situation of buying a ring that doesn’t fit your partner. Although you can always have your jeweler resize a ring, it attracts extra and unwanted costs. Sometimes, resizing a ring may affect the overall quality, especially if there are big adjustments to be made.

The above-discussed tips will help you buy the best quality of fine jewelry. When buying jewelry, trust the top jeweler with a solid reputation. The top jeweler will also offer other services such as ring sizing, chain and clasp repair, even pearl and bead restringing, and stone setting and replacement. Before buying your desired piece, ask a jeweler all you need to know about the jewelry. The best jewelers will help you get the best piece within your budget without sacrificing quality.

How to Identify the Right Jewelry Repair Technician

Jewelry expresses individuality. It can also be used to commemorate special occasions — engagement rings are particularly esteemed. The age-old tradition of giving someone an engagement ring dates back to 1477. But as with any other piece of jewelry, these rings are subject to wear and tear over time. The good news is that you can always have them repaired at a jewelry shop. Here are a few questions you might want to ask to find the right jewelry repair professional.

Which Jewelry Repair Services Do You Offer?

Some shops only sell jewelry and don’t offer repair services. Ask about the type of ring repair services they offer to ensure they can restore your ring to perfection. A good jeweler restores the ring to its original luster, color, and appearance just as the rest of the piece.

As such, no hammering, cutting, soldering, or other tool marks should be visible. The most common type of repair done on rings is prong repair. Prongs wear out after prolonged use, which may cause the gemstone to loosen. Activities that require a lot of hands-on action like gardening can also affect prong strength. Prongs may be replaced or re-tipped, depending on the severity of the wear and tear they’ve suffered. Other types of jewelry repair you might need include:

  • Ring cleaning, epoxy finishing, and refinishing
  • Pearl restringing
  • Ring engraving
  • Clasp repair
  • Rhodium and gold plating
  • Gold link rebuilding

Are Your Technicians Qualified?

Be sure to ask if your technicians have any certifications in handling jewelry repair. A technician who has a nationally recognized certification from an organization like the Bench Professional Certification Program shows they’re well-versed in jewelry or watch repair. In addition, ask about the type of affiliations they’ve had within the industry and how many years of experience they have. Experience is a good sign of the quality of work too. Don’t shy away from researching several jewelers in the area to find out what they offer. Customer reviews also come in handy as customers provide honest opinions about their experience with the professional.

How Long will Repairs Take?

Your technician should provide a specific time frame after assessing the extent of repair required. Many jewelry repair shops provide reasonable time frames. Small repairs, for example, may take ten minutes while others may take up to ten days. It also depends on whether the professional is repairing the ring in-store or shipping it for off-site repairs. Another factor that may prolong the repair time is if your technician is using machinery or working by hand. If the latter, you may need to wait a little longer.

Will My Jewelry Be Sent Out for Repairs?

Most jewelry stores hardly repair rings or other jewelry in-house. This means whether you’re shipping or dropping your beautiful jewelry where you bought it, they’ll be sending it off to another location. The exercise increases the repair price and the waiting time. Since jewelry sent out is at a greater risk of getting damaged or lost, ask about the measures taken to avoid further damage. An honest jeweler takes time to show you the unique characteristics of your piece before and after the repair.

With these questions, you can find a reliable jewelry repair technician. Don’t shy away from asking questions. It may make all the difference in the world when it comes to restoring your precious jewelry.

Bridal Jewelry Trends for Your Wedding Day

Picking out the perfect wedding gown is almost impossible, especially with the pressure that gets put on a wedding and the amount of top bridal styles available. Even once you have chosen the perfect dress for that special day, though, it can still feel like it’s lacking something special. You may be looking for something to complement the dress to stand out on your wedding day. That’s where bridal jewelry comes into play. Beautiful jewelry complements the dress that the bride is wearing and makes her look and feel exactly as she always dreamed.

While classic and top bridal styles will always be popular, it’s also good to know what is trending to accessorize your outfit. Here are a few current trends in bridal jewelry.

The Modern Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are a key piece of the top bridal styles, making up an amazing bridal outfit and often treated as a showpiece for years to come. They’re also symbolic of the love that two people share. That’s why a common trend in engagement rings is to get a custom ring, which is designed to perfectly fit what the bride desires and even includes messages of love.

There is also an increase of brides who are opting for a band style engagement ring rather than a diamond one and a separate wedding band. This modern trend actually dates back to an older tradition, based in Europe. Even rings with color, as some celebrities have worn, are growing in popularity, as 52% of women say they’d wear a ring with a colored stone for an engagement ring. However, the classic diamond ring is still the most popular choice.

Including Green Tones Is on the Rise

The old adage says that you should be wearing something blue on your wedding day, but green is increasing in popularity too. Emerald earrings, or a necklace that incorporates jade, and similar jewelry choices are becoming more and more common. It makes sense, too. Depending on the bride’s eye color, green may complement them better than the color blue does. Other people may just prefer the color green and want to incorporate it in some way. That’s before family heirlooms and other items of importance are considered for weddings. Even if it’s not green, brides certainly don’t want plain, all-white styled weddings anymore. They want the chance to incorporate some color and stand out.

Wide Diamond Bracelets

Bracelets act as a complement to the outfit as a whole, but wide diamond bracelets steal the show. It’s outside the traditional box for a wedding, sure, with many women still choose to go for a tennis bracelet instead. However, the wide diamond bracelet is a statement piece that stands out on a bride’s wrist. For women who want to look as glamorous as possible, they’re an amazing option.

Collar Length Necklaces

A collar length necklace is one that sits below where a choker would be worn but above a traditional necklace. They’re growing in popularity, not just among top bridal styles, but in everyday life. A lot of times these necklaces are large statement pieces that stand out, while some brides prefer a more subtle piece of fine jewelry. A lot of brides also choose to layer their necklaces for the effect that they give, which makes for a statement in its own right but is still highlighted by a collar length necklace.

A wedding is such an important day for a bride. Everything needs to be as close to perfect as possible. However, finding the right jewelry to complement a bride’s style, desires, and wedding dress is difficult, requiring the right jeweler and a lot of determination. Personalized jewelry and custom rings are great options that ensure perfection.

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Finding the Right Jewelers To Make a Custom Piece of Jewelry

The right piece of custom jewelry can truly make all the difference whether you are looking to commemorate your wedding day or if you’re just looking to mark your engagement with some unique flair. However, far too many people make the mistake of rushing into a purchase, only to find that their piece of custom jewelry does not match the vision that they had in their heads. Finding the right custom jeweler for your needs is one of the biggest factors in making sure that your ideas come to life in the proper way. That’s why we have taken the time to come up with this simple guide that will help to explain some of the ways in which you can be sure to find the right jewelers to make you a custom piece of jewelry.

Read Reviews Online and Do Your Research

Doing your research is a key step to finding the right custom jeweler. The experiences of past customers often illuminate a business and the way they treat their customers. Sure, the quality of their work is important, but learning more about how a company works with its customers is also a good indication of their overall worth and value. This is true whether you’re in need of custom wedding rings or some other piece of custom jewelry.

Don’t Be Shy About Asking Questions

Questions are your friend when you’re looking for the right piece of custom jewelry. Since your project is likely unique from any other project, it helps to clarify the details and set things straight before you get too deep into a project. Doing so will help both you and the custom jewelry shop that you work with to understand your overall vision. For example, you may want to ask if a shop works with lab grown diamonds. After all, for both genders, millennials are far more positive about lab created diamonds than older generations. 80% of millennials feel happy or neutral towards the idea of lab grown diamonds.

Search for Local Custom Jewelers Who Have a Strong Reputation

When it comes to finding that perfect piece of custom jewelry, there is nothing quite like working with a jeweler that has demonstrated experience in their field. Reputation matters with custom wedding rings, just as it does with car repairs, a night out at a restaurant, or any other type of experience that you may spend some significant amount of money on. In the world of wedding rings and other pieces of custom jewelry, you should check to make sure that a place of business has a positive reputation both in their local community and in their entire industry at large. Checking off both of these boxes is one of the best ways to ensure that you get the jewelry you have always wanted both for yourself and for your loved ones.

The team at McGee & Company Fine Jewelers is more than happy to help you out with each and every one of your fine jewelry needs. Are you looking for the perfect personalized wedding rings to make your special day that much more memorable? Are you in need of engagement rings, outstanding bridal jewelry, custom rings, or personalized jewelry of any kind? If so, then we are the place for you. To learn a bit more about all of our different jewelry products and services, please do not feel hesitant to reach out and get in touch with someone from our team today. We can’t wait to work with you to make the perfect jewelry for your situation!

Custom Bridal Jewelry Options for a Perfect Engagement

The engagement ring tradition was introduced by Maximilian of Austria in 1477. He gave his soon-to-be wife, Mary of Burgundy, a masterfully crafted ring as a promise of marriage. An engagement ring symbolizes the trust and commitment between partners. In other countries, rings are worn on the right hand until the day of marriage, when they are switched to the left. The tradition of wearing the ring on the left hand can be traced back to ancient Rome. The third finger on the left hand has a vein that goes directly to the heart, they believed. It was called the “vena amoris,” or vein of love. The following are some tips about how to choose the best engagement rings and custom bridal jewelry that would be perfect for you or your bride.

Choosing the Best Engagement Ring

Typically, it is suggested to set aside 10 to 20 percent of your income toward an engagement ring or custom bridal jewelry. Keep in mind that you don’t have to spend the entire amount that you have set aside. Engagement expenses are numerous, and the extra funds will come in handy. Should you deem it necessary, you can choose a temporary engagement ring if the cost is an issue. Fashion jewelry will work in the interim, and you can choose beautiful custom bridal jewelry later on. Should you choose the wrong size wedding band or engagement ring, it can be resized so that it fits the finger of your partner. Some rings, however, cannot be resized, as the setting can be damaged. Those who plan to undertake a surprise proposal should take into account rings that can easily be resized or not. Most men only wear a wedding band, but some do desire an engagement as a symbol of the upcoming nuptials. There are many different style options should you want to have matching engagement rings.

Superstitions Around Rings

Some believe it is a bad omen to wear a ring on the left finger before officially being engaged. In the past, it was a sign of being “taken.” These days, anything goes with rings, and it is normal to wear them at any time. It is also thought to be bad luck if a ring is loose or uncomfortable. The worst bad luck being if a ring is lost or stolen. There is also a superstition that if an engagement ring is removed from the hand there will be problems with the relationship. Should you be superstitious, know that sleeping with your ring can present some issues. First, you could have difficulty removing the ring because of swelling during the night or you could even crack your ring. To be on the safe side, remove your ring at night and put it in a safe place. Local jewelers can also provide tips on the care of your custom bridal jewelry, such as how to clean your rings.

Durable Ring Materials and Cost

Metals such as titanium and stainless steel are extremely durable. Resizing these rings requires special tools. The hardest jewelry metal is tungsten, which is nearly impossible to resize. Should you need wedding jewelry resized, the process should take as little as an hour. But, if there’s an extremely high volume of jewelry repair, the turnaround time can be up to three days. This brings us to the cost of custom bridal jewelry. The average young couple aged 18 to 34 will spend around $3,000 to $5,000 on an engagement ring. However, more money doesn’t always equal quality. There are many affordable outstanding bridal jewelry options, and personalized rings are also quite popular. Studies show that the average cost of an engagement ring is around $6,000. The price can depend on two components, which are the setting and the center stone. The more complicated a ring setting or a higher carat diamond is going to end up being a bit more pricey. If you’re on a budget, make the necessary adjustments, and decide what’s most important for jewelry purchases.

Outside the wedding itself, an engagement is the most special time for a couple. It is a promise of spending a life together. The custom bridal jewelry you choose should fit your life as a couple and also be made of durable, high-quality materials. When it comes to wedding jewelry, choose wisely and your rings will last for many years.

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3 Tips for Maintaining Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry and watches are an investment in beauty. When you are making the leap to buy beautiful jewelry, you should be prepared to have that jewelry purchase stand the test of time. Here are some important tips to remember when you make your jewelry purchase.

Get Insurance

Insuring your jewelry is a smart decision because you are covered for jewelry or watch repair should the need arise. Every year an estimated 38 million Americans buy fine jewelry or watches, and it is likely that many of those pieces will eventually become damaged in some way. It is inevitable that jewelry or watch repair will become necessary at some point in your life if you buy fine jewelry, and an insurance policy will help you be prepared in the case of damage.

Take Your Jewelry for Maintenance

Your fine jewelry or watch store will most likely give you the opportunity to have your jewelry shined after a set amount of time. Make sure to take advantage of this service–the store that sells you your fine jewelry may know the best practices for handling it.

If your store does not offer jewelry or watch repair or maintenance, make sure to find a reputable shop to get your beautiful jewelry repaired, cleaned, and overall spruced up.

Take Potential Damage into Account

Taking a piece of personalized jewelry, like your wedding band, everywhere is doable because the ring is designed with daily wear in mind. However, some pieces of jewelry are not designed to be worn every single day. When you are putting on your fine jewelry or watch, think about whether or not the jewelry will stand the test of the day. For example, if you’re going swimming in the ocean, even your wedding band may not be the right choice to bring with you. In the case of losing your ring, you would need even more than a repair–you would need a complete replacement. Though many insurance policies will completely cover the cost of replacement, losing a piece of sentimental jewelry may be difficult.

These tips can help you begin to think more about how to protect your beautiful jewelry, but in the case that you need jewelry or watch repair it is a good idea to get your jewelry looked at sooner rather than later.

engagement rings

5 Tips to Help You Pick the Best Engagement Ring For Your Partner

Buying an engagement ring for your significant other is a big sign that you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level and say I do. Engagement rings are a sentimental investment that you need to get right the first time, so you must know what to look for when purchasing an engagement ring. The following tips will help you pick the best engagement ring for your partner.

1. Know Your Budget

Beautiful jewelry doesn’t come cheap, and you may have to pay the big bucks for the most exquisite and personalized engagement rings. Luckily, you can head out to your local jewelers and see the price options for engagement rings. The price of engagement rings varies, depending on the type of metals used — platinum, gold, or silver — and the quality of the diamonds. Most American brides (75%) receive personalized engagement rings made of diamonds and gold. When you have a maximum budget established, it will be easy for your jeweler to help you pick a ring that exudes class and value.

2. Know the Ring Size of Your Partner

You don’t want to buy an engagement ring, only for it not to fit your partner. Your engagement proposal should move and impress your fiancée. After picking the perfect time and place, using the most romantic words in your vocabulary, and going down on your knees, you want the engagement ring to fit your fiancée’s finger perfectly. When you know your partner’s ring size, the best jewelers in Indianapolis will design the perfect ring for your partner.

3. Choose the Engagement Ring Band

Which precious metal do you want the engagement ring band to have? You have a pool of options — silver, platinum, rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. If you want to take it a notch higher, you can have two or more different metals mixed to create a unique ring band. Many reasons would influence your choice of precious metal. First, you should consider your partner’s taste. If your fiancée loves shiny appearances, then go for gold as it’s shinier than platinum. Secondly, choose a metal that will not overstretch your planned budget.

4. Picking the Quality of the Diamond

The diamonds are the most visible parts of the engagement rings, and most people associate the value of the ring with the quality of the diamonds. You know the quality of the diamond by the 4 C’s – cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. The sparkle you see in a diamond is determined by how well the diamond is cut. Cutting diamonds requires precision and a high degree of accuracy. A well-cut diamond has a brilliant shine that is well visible.

The other quality you should consider is the color of the diamond. Different diamond colors are graded from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow). Colorless diamonds represent the highest quality and are also the most expensive. Your partner’s preference should also come into play when considering the diamond color.

You should also consider the clarity of the diamonds on an engagement ring. Pure diamond has no imperfections or inclusions. Therefore, it is clearer and more expensive. The clarity of a diamond is graded as SI1 or SI2. Lastly, consider the carat weight of the diamond. A heavier diamond will cost you more because it has more carats.

5. Choose a Reputable Jeweler

You may not know much about the aspects that inspire the quality of engagement rings. The pressure to make a lasting impression on your partner may make you confused when picking an engagement ring. However, when you purchase the engagement ring from a jeweler you can trust, you will get the perfect ring that your partner will love.

Buying your partner an engagement ring is your way of showing that you’re ready to spend the rest of your life together. Engagement rings have a high sentimental value. When shopping for a ring, you can trust the top jewelers to sell you the quality engagement rings.

personalized engagement rings

4 Things You Can’t Forget When Crafting a Personalized Engagement Ring for Your Partner

Personalized engagement rings are becoming more and more popular among couples getting engaged. But what does it take to find that perfect personalized ring for your sweetheart? If you’re working together to craft a unique engagement ring, here are a few things you’ll need to do.

Find the Perfect Gemstone

One of the biggest identifying factors in any engagement ring is its gemstone. Many people prefer diamonds, but gemstones like emerald and sapphire are just as beautiful. If you’re working with your partner to create a totally personalized engagement ring, have a conversation about the ideal gemstone. Maybe there’s something special about your partner’s birthstone that they want to incorporate into their engagement ring. It might seem like a tough choice, but once you have the perfect engagement ring, all of your work paying attention to that perfect gemstone will be well worth the wait.

Take Finger Measurements

Decide Whether Side Stones Are Necessary

Side stones are a beautiful addition to any engagement ring. They create a sophisticated, eye-catching look. The most common choices include channel or pave set diamonds. If you would like diamond side stones to complement the stone in the center, be sure you choose a diamond grade that is similar to the main diamond. And if you aren’t selecting a diamond as the center stone of the engagement ring, side stones can still be an excellent addition for that sparkle factor.

Invest in a Diamond Grading Report

When purchasing an engagement ring, an important piece is obtaining a diamond grading report. This tells you the quality characteristics of the diamond. The report will also show if the diamond has been treated in any way to improve clarity. If you choose a trusted jeweler who is established in business, you won’t have to concerned about the quality of the jewelry. Since an engagement ring is a big purchase, you’ll want to buy from a jeweler you can trust.

Personalized engagement rings are some of the most beautiful creations you can gift to another person. With these four important steps in mind, you should be well on your way to crafting the perfect engagement ring for your partner.

4 Tips for Choosing Outstanding Jewelry For Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is a special day for you to shine. When picking out the perfect wedding dress, you may want to purchase wedding jewelry to complete your look. Here are four tips for choosing outstanding bridal jewelry for your wedding day.

Select a Few Key Pieces

Be careful not to overdo it when choosing bridal jewelry. Select a few key pieces that will complement one another and not take attention away from your wedding dress. If your gown has an ornate neckline, opt for drop earrings rather than a necklace. A choker goes well with a sweetheart neckline or strapless dress.

Match the Style and Fabric of Your Dress

If the style of your dress is simple, choose bold fashion jewelry for a stunning look. If your dress is more ornate, choose simple custom jewelry that accentuates your dress and helps it stand out. The color of the fine jewelry you choose will depend on the fabric of your wedding dress. Gold works best with ivory, while platinum and silver work best with white gowns. By creating the right contrast, you’ll create a stunning look perfect for memorializing in your wedding album.

Minimize the Number of Metals

Too many metals can spoil your wedding look. Keep the number of metals you choose down to two complementary types. Since 75% of American brides receive an engagement ring from gold and diamonds, another complementary metal could be platinum or white gold.

Opt For Comfort

When you’re shopping for outstanding bridal jewelry, you may want to keep comfort in mind. You’ll be wearing these pieces for hours while you celebrate. Bulky pieces can become cumbersome and cause neck strain over time. Choose light pieces that won’t weigh you down and ruin your special day.

The outstanding bridal jewelry piece you choose will help you feel more beautiful and confident on your wedding day. Make sure you get your pieces from a jeweler you can trust. If you’re looking for beautiful jewelry for your wedding day, visit McGee & Company Fine Jewelers. We’ll help you select the perfect pieces to help you shine on your wedding day.

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How Exactly Do You Customize Jewelry?

You may have heard of friends or loved ones customizing engagement rings or wedding jewelry. Chances are you have seen a necklace or bracelet personalized with names, dates, or inscriptions. What exactly goes into creating this jewelry, and what are all the things a custom jewelry designer can do?

Select Your Favorite Metal

First thing’s first: choose your preferred metal. Select from the obvious choices, like gold, silver, silver-filled, or more unique options, like platinum, titanium, antler, meteorite, and even dinosaur bone. When choosing a material consider novelty and your personal preference as well as the material’s durability, composition and weight, and whether it stands up to tarnish and wear, like scratching.

Have Your Eyes On A Unique Stone? Make Your Vision A Reality

Millennials are moving away from traditional, clear diamond engagement rings. A growing number of brides-to-be are sporting color diamonds, like pink, blue, and yellow diamonds. Others are opting for another stone altogether. A staggering 52% of new brides say they like the look of color stone or gemstone engagement rings, like Jessica Simpon’s ruby engagement ring and Halle Berry’s ruby ring.

Another thing to consider is your partner’s views on climate change and the environment. A growing number of brides and grooms-to-be are taking the environment into account and choosing lab-created stones or responsibly sourced diamonds for their engagement jewelry. Work closely with the right custom design jeweler and lab-created stones resemble natural stones in just about every possible way. These stones are physically, aesthetically, and chemically identical to gemstones or diamonds mined from the ground. Create amethysts, opals, sapphires, rubies, peridots, alexandrite stones, and more.

Make It Special

Of course, stones, bands, and/or chains for necklaces, bracelets, and anklets are just the beginning. There are plenty of other features to customize and tailor to your tastes.

“Monograms and birthstones exemplify the intimate appeal of jewelry by aligning a piece with sentimentality,” The National Jeweler writes. These days, monograms and birthstones are merely the tip of the iceberg, too. Custom jewelry designers are seeing ever more creative requests, like requests for lockets or necklaces with hidden messages, and horoscope- or coordinate-inspired jewelry. Customers are asking for necklaces with custom-designed pendants or with small chambers to fill with gemstones — like their children’s birthstones — or pearls.

The Final Steps

Once you have selected all of the elements for your custom design, it is time to start taking the necessary steps to make it happen! Here’s how it works:

  • Sit down with a custom jewelry designer for a consultation. Bring any materials you think may help, including sketches and pictures, with you.
  • After settling on a plan, custom jewelry designers will use your design to create a temporary model, typically out of wax. That model will help you envision what the final product will look like before starting the permanent design process.If you are custom designing a necklace with a special setting or pendant, you will work with your designer to select a chain material, style, and length. Then they will create a model of your pendant.
  • Following approval, rings, pendants, charms, or any pieces that require a mold will be cast.
  • After the band or pendant is cast, any stones will be set onto your jewelry.
  • When all stones are set, your jeweler will add any finishing touches and polish the jewelry to a vibrant shine.

According to Brides magazine, 94% of couples discuss marriage before they get engaged. Do not forget to talk about your engagement and engagement ring as well. Tell your partner if you have any preferences for responsibly sourced diamonds or custom designs.

Custom jewelry makes a great gift for other occasions, too! Custom design jewelry is great for anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, and life milestones. Reach out to a trusted jeweler with any questions you may have!