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5 Tips to Help You Pick the Best Engagement Ring For Your Partner

Buying an engagement ring for your significant other is a big sign that you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level and say I do. Engagement rings are a sentimental investment that you need to get right the first time, so you must know what to look for when purchasing an engagement ring. The following tips will help you pick the best engagement ring for your partner.

1. Know Your Budget

Beautiful jewelry doesn’t come cheap, and you may have to pay the big bucks for the most exquisite and personalized engagement rings. Luckily, you can head out to your local jewelers and see the price options for engagement rings. The price of engagement rings varies, depending on the type of metals used — platinum, gold, or silver — and the quality of the diamonds. Most American brides (75%) receive personalized engagement rings made of diamonds and gold. When you have a maximum budget established, it will be easy for your jeweler to help you pick a ring that exudes class and value.

2. Know the Ring Size of Your Partner

You don’t want to buy an engagement ring, only for it not to fit your partner. Your engagement proposal should move and impress your fiancée. After picking the perfect time and place, using the most romantic words in your vocabulary, and going down on your knees, you want the engagement ring to fit your fiancée’s finger perfectly. When you know your partner’s ring size, the best jewelers in Indianapolis will design the perfect ring for your partner.

3. Choose the Engagement Ring Band

Which precious metal do you want the engagement ring band to have? You have a pool of options — silver, platinum, rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. If you want to take it a notch higher, you can have two or more different metals mixed to create a unique ring band. Many reasons would influence your choice of precious metal. First, you should consider your partner’s taste. If your fiancée loves shiny appearances, then go for gold as it’s shinier than platinum. Secondly, choose a metal that will not overstretch your planned budget.

4. Picking the Quality of the Diamond

The diamonds are the most visible parts of the engagement rings, and most people associate the value of the ring with the quality of the diamonds. You know the quality of the diamond by the 4 C’s – cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. The sparkle you see in a diamond is determined by how well the diamond is cut. Cutting diamonds requires precision and a high degree of accuracy. A well-cut diamond has a brilliant shine that is well visible.

The other quality you should consider is the color of the diamond. Different diamond colors are graded from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow). Colorless diamonds represent the highest quality and are also the most expensive. Your partner’s preference should also come into play when considering the diamond color.

You should also consider the clarity of the diamonds on an engagement ring. Pure diamond has no imperfections or inclusions. Therefore, it is clearer and more expensive. The clarity of a diamond is graded as SI1 or SI2. Lastly, consider the carat weight of the diamond. A heavier diamond will cost you more because it has more carats.

5. Choose a Reputable Jeweler

You may not know much about the aspects that inspire the quality of engagement rings. The pressure to make a lasting impression on your partner may make you confused when picking an engagement ring. However, when you purchase the engagement ring from a jeweler you can trust, you will get the perfect ring that your partner will love.

Buying your partner an engagement ring is your way of showing that you’re ready to spend the rest of your life together. Engagement rings have a high sentimental value. When shopping for a ring, you can trust the top jewelers to sell you the quality engagement rings.

local bridal and wedding jewelry stores

7 Things No One Tells You about Engagement Rings

Buying bridal jewelry is not as simple as many might tend to think. Thousands of people have suffered disappointments after their engagement rings were turned down by people they love. Therefore, you need to be cautious and avoid making a mistake that will lead to your loved one turning down your proposal based on your wedding band selection skills.

Before visiting the local bridal and wedding jewelry stores, you need to have some fundamental tips of what type of fashion jewelry you want. If you intend to purchase custom jewelry for your loved one, here are some of the few tips that can guide you to the best selection possible.


1. Jewelry Material

Local bridal and wedding jewelry stores have jewelry made from different materials. Therefore, you need to know what type of material you will consider for your loved one. Silver and platinum are some possible jewelry materials that you can choose for your partner. However, studies show that 75 percent of brides in the United States receive engagement rings made from diamonds and gold. You should also make a case for gold or diamond for your partner because she’s not an exception.


2. Jewelry Design

Whenever you are buying a ring or a bracelet for your partner, you should make sure that you pay attention to the design used. Local bridal and wedding jewelry stores have multiple designs on their shelves that they want to market to their customers. In as much as you would like to buy fashion jewelry, make sure that you select a jewelry design that has relevance and meaning to your loved one.


3. Jewelry Customization

The consumer market is changing fast and people are currently interested in products that have been made to suit their tastes and preferences. Therefore, make sure that you look for a custom jewelry designer to design jewelry that will resonate with the attributes of your partner. You can easily get a custom bridal jewelry from the local bridal and wedding jewelry stores. Every person will appreciate wedding jewelry that has their names inscribed on it.


4. Personal Traits

Understanding the personal traits of your loved one will give you a hint of what type of jewelry will work for them. Get something that matches the daily life of your partner. For example, you need to understand whether your partner is active and whether she uses her hands mainly for her job. In such circumstances, she will need something lightweight or made from durable materials than someone who leads a manicured life.


5. Consider the 4C’s

If you ask every man, buying a proposal ring or jewelry for their spouses is the most stressful thing in life. You don’t know how she will react to it, and more so, you might not know her tastes and preferences. Given that there is a high possibility that you will buy her a diamond ring, incorporating the 4C’s; diamond’s color, clarity, carat, and cut will make everything less stressful. You don’t want to spend a fortune on a diamond ring that is not shiny enough or one that has rough edges.


6. Get some Advice

You might be a private person but ring shopping requires knowledge and experience. It is time to allow some trusted friends in your inner circle and let them give you some guidance in the ring selection process. Get help from people who are already engaged and take them out to your first ring shopping and ask them about your opinions.


7. Budget Implications

The amount of money you will spend on your wedding ring is a major factor that you should analyze before making your final decision. Local bridal and wedding jewelry stores classify wedding rings and other jewelry in terms of price and quality. In as much as you don’t want to look expensive or complicated, spare some extra dollars and purchase something that will grasp the attention of your partner.


McGee and Co. offers fine and high-quality fine jewelry to a plethora of customers who are buying wedding and proposal rings. We offer customized services while at the same time designing jewelry to meet the tastes and preferences of our customers.

Why Do We Propose With Diamond Rings?

local jewelersDiamonds weren’t always the centerpieces in engagement rings; however, they did begin to flood local jewelers’ shops in the 1870’s when miners in South Africa began discovering huge diamond deposits. This allowed the diamond to go from a rare gem to a fairly common item. But even after they became widely available, diamond engagement rings didn’t really take off until the 1930’s.

Traditions Throughout Time
There are many different traditions involving engagements. It is said that the practice of engagement rings was to have started in Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians believed the circular shape symbolized an eternal cycle, making it the perfect symbol for everlasting love. The fourth finger on the left hand was believed to have a vein that went directly to the heart, so this is the finger the ring was — and still is — worn on.

In England, one tradition was for the man and woman to break a piece of silver or gold, each keeping half to symbolize their engagement. Up until the 19th century, some women in America received thimbles for their engagement. After the wedding, they would cut off the bottom of the thimble and wear it as a ring.

The first known case of a ring being required was in the 12th century. Pope Innocent III stated that all weddings must take place in a church and the bride had to receive a ring.

How an Ad Campaign Influenced the Diamond Engagement Ring
Diamond engagement rings gained popularity thanks to an advertisement campaign by a jewelry company called De Beers in 1938. The demand for diamonds had been on a decline and the company knew they needed to do something to increase business. New York ad agency N.W. Ayer helped them create a campaign that would change the world of diamonds forever.

The campaign featured some of Hollywood’s biggest stars wearing diamonds and had fashion designers promoting diamond rings. People rushed to local jewelers and diamond sales went up by over 50% in the first three years of the campaign.

“A Diamond is Forever” became De Beers’ slogan and they still use it today, almost 70 years later. The slogan reiterated that a diamond is a symbol of eternal, unbreakable love. Within 20 years of the start of the campaign, 80% of brides had diamond engagement rings.

Engagement Rings Today
Engagement rings are the most common tradition to officiate an engagement in America. Every year, 38 million Americans will purchase fine jewelry or watches. Jewelers can work with customers to ensure their jewelry is exactly what they want. Nowadays, people have the opportunity to have custom jewelry made. While diamond engagement rings are still the most in demand, other colored stones are gaining popularity.

Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring or a wedding band, local jewelers will be able to assist you with all of your wedding jewelry needs.

Surprising Engagement Ring Facts From Around The World

engagement ringsEngagement rings are a sign of love, promise, and most of all future marriage. However, engagement rings have an interesting tale to them. The tradition of giving a betrothed a ring began in 1477 when Maximilian of Austria gifted his fiancee, Mary of Burgundy, a ring in the promise of marriage.

Since the engagement ring’s introduction in 1477, cultures around the world have shaped it according to their heritage and history. The following are some interesting facts about engagement rings around the world. How many facts about this fine jewelry do you know?

  1. In West Bengal, India iron bangle bracelets are worn as symbols of engagement rather than rings.
  2. The Irish use the Claddagh ring to symbolize various meanings depending on which hand the ring is worn on and which direction the heart on the ring is facing. To indicate engagement, the wearer (man or woman), must wear the ring on their left hand with the heart turned inward.
  3. In France, diamonds aren’t the preferred choice of soon-to-be brides. The women prefer semi-precious stones.
  4. In Chile, both men and women receive engagement rings when they’re to be married and wear them on their right hands. During the ceremony, the couple then places the rings from their right hands to their left.
  5. Engagement rings are typically worn on the left hand in England, France, Canada, and the United States. In Russia, India, Norway, and Germany the engagement ring is worn on the right hand.
  6. In Argentina, rings are exchanged among couples during engagement, but wedding rings are not exchanged during the wedding ceremony.
  7. In China, many couples don’t engage engagement rings at all. Instead, they often exchange money and other betrothal gifts.
  8. While the engagement ring is associated with Austria, the wedding band was first seen in Egypt where rings were sometimes worn as a symbol of a contract in marriage. The circle was a sign of eternity.

There are many types of wedding rings and engagement rings in the world and just as many ways to wear them. Culture is passed down through generations and influences us every day. Consider your own heritage and how it may influence how you wear your engagement ring.

Mother’s Day Picks – Staff Favorites

I asked our sales associates for their Top Mother’s Day Picks.

Adam’s favorites are these elegant tennis bracelets. We’ve currently got three in stock – one each in 14k rose, yellow, and white gold. .70 total carat weight, regular price: $2795, Mother’s Day Special: $1695 + tax.

3 Diamond Tennis Bracelets
Adam’s Pick – Diamond Tennis Bracelets


Carolyn picked this amazing 14k two-tone ring that features Round Brilliant Cut and Princess Cut Diamonds, .74 total carat weight. Regular price: $3985, Mother’s Day Special: $2799 + tax.

three row diamond ring with two-tone gold
Carolyn’s Pick – two tone ring with round and princess cut diamonds


Doug’s pick is this stunning pendant from LeVian. .17ctw of Chocolate and Vanilla diamonds are set in 14 karat Strawberry Gold. Regular price: $825, Mother’s Day Special: $599 + tax.

LeVian Pendant
Doug’s Pick – LeVian pendant with Strawberry Gold, Chocolate and Vanilla Diamonds


Stephany picked out this fabulous pendant with a pear-shape opal center stone and diamond halo set in a 14k white gold mounting. 1.19ct Opal, .13ctw diamonds. Regular price: $879, Mother’s Day Special: $615 + tax.

pear shape opal pendant with diamond halo
Stephany’s Pick – opal pendant with diamonds


Last, but certainly not least, is Bob’s pick! He chose this gorgeous vintage brooch. Made of 18k white gold, this pin features .40ctw of diamonds. Regular price: $1895, Mother’s Day Special: $948 + tax.

white gold diamond pin
Bob’s Pick – vintage diamond brooch

These are just a few of our favorites for the Mothers in your life. Of course, we have a huge range of styles and prices available. Come in and let us know what we can do for you.

April Birthstone Spotlight

April’s birthstone is diamond!

Diamonds, they’ve been prized for millennia. What is about diamonds that has captivated us for so long? Maybe the ancient myth that they were pieces of stars fallen to Earth has stuck with us. Maybe the fact that there is no natural substance harder than diamonds impresses us. Maybe the thought of its being the only gemstone made of a single element (carbon – the foundation of life) makes it special. Whatever the reason, diamonds have made their mark on popular culture and our ideas of romance and success.

As a symbol of fearlessness and invincibility, diamonds are a popular choice for crown jewels and accessories for royalty. Symbolic of love, diamonds are intertwined with our thoughts of engagements and weddings.

Anyone who has shopped for a diamond probably knows of the 4Cs, carat, cut, color, and clarity. All of these characteristics describe a diamond and ultimately affect its worth.

Carat – the weight of the diamond. Are you replacing a .05ct accent stone in your ring mounting? Looking for a 1.00ct center stone for your engagement ring? Trying to decide on earrings featuring .50ctw or .75ctw? The size of the stone is one of the first things that affects the price. Balance a larger stone with a less desirable traits and give yourself some wiggle room on price.

Cut – Round Brilliant, Princess, Oval, Marquise, there are many different shapes of diamonds. The better the cut (regardless of shape), the brighter the stone.

Color – Graded on a D-Z scale. The closer to colorless (D-F), the higher the value, except in cases of fancy colors.

Clarity – Internal features and surface irregularities (inclusions and blemishes) affect a diamond’s clarity grade. There are 11 clarity grades on the GIA grading scale. The better the clarity, the higher the value.

Stop by our showroom today and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members about how to get you the best diamond for your dollar!

Happy Birthday, April Babies!


Make Sure the Ring is as Beautiful as Her: How to Choose an Engagement Ring

custom jewelryA lot of guesswork can go into choosing the perfect ring for your special someone. As it turns out, finding the ideal engagement ring for her might require a lot more time and consideration than you originally thought. Since you plan to dedicate your life completely to this person, you want to make sure this piece of custom jewelry represents all of your feelings of love and devotion. Luckily, there are some tips to help you along with your decision.

Know What She Likes

You want this piece of fine jewelry to stay on her finger the rest of her life, so finding one that suits her tastes is critical to picking the right engagement ring. Pay attention to the types of jewelry she wears every day to gauge what kind of style she prefers. You can gain a lot from looking at the simple pieces of jewelry she puts on at the start of every morning, making your jewelry purchase easier. The good thing is engagement rings come in all different types of custom jewelry options. Typically, around 75% of brides have engagement rings made from gold and diamonds, but many other options out there exist.

Find Out Her Ring Size

The best ring in the world won’t do much good if it can’t fit on her finger. There are a few ways to measure her ring size without her knowing. You can borrow one of her rings that she wears on the same finger and trace the size. Or you can take it to local jewelers and they can measure the size for you. If she doesn’t typically wear a ring on that finger, chances are one of her friends or family members will be able to tell you her approximate ring size.

When in Doubt, a Jeweler Can Help

It’s their job to know the best of the best when it comes to current custom jewelry styles. If you find yourself facing brick wall after brick wall, talking with a quality jeweler can help you get things straight in your mind. They’ll know about the best cuts and shapes for the diamond, help you decide on a setting and band that fit your loved one’s lifestyle, and show you the various metal options you can use to put it all together.

When it comes to finding an engagement ring for someone you love, you want to make sure every “I love you” can be seen in that piece of jewelry on her finger. We hope you found these tips useful to discovering the perfect ring for your perfect loved one.

To look at different type of ring options to choose from, visit mcgeejewelers.com

The Most Unique Bridal Jewelry Trends to Try Out in 2017

wedding jewelryYour engagement ring is one that you will wear forever to symbolize the love between you and your spouse. No matter if you are a bohemian bride or just want a unique engagement ring to show off on Instagram, there are plenty of fine jewelry options out there that will give you the engagement ring of your dreams.

Here are some of the most unique trends in wedding jewelry that will make your entire bridal party jealous.

Rose gold
Many brides think that their engagement rings can only be set in gold or silver, but this is absolutely not true! Go for something a little unique and have a rose gold setting instead. This shade flatters all skin tones and looks absolutely stunning with a simple, classic solitaire diamond.

Colorful stones
Who says that you have to settle for a classic white diamond for your bridal jewelry? Over half of all brides say that they would wear a colored stone in their engagement ring, such as celebs like Halle Berry or Jessica Simpson. Some colors to consider include ruby, yellow diamonds, black onyx, or sapphire.

Floral accents
Love nature? Incorporate some details from your garden right into your ring. One of the top trends in wedding jewelry right now includes rings with flowers, vines, and vines that circle around the center stone for a feminine touch.

Square bands
No matter the stone, implementing a square band is an extremely sleek and modern touch. It is much more comfortable than a round ring as it won’t pinch the skin on your fingers.

Pear cut diamonds
Pear and marquise diamonds are making a comeback! The best part about them? They instantly slim your fingers and look exceptionally elegant with a thin wedding band.

Double shanks
If you are looking for outstanding bridal jewelry, consider going with a double-shank band, because nothing makes a stronger impression than two diamond encrusted bands! This design also gives any engagement ring a more architectural, fashion-forward look.

Mixed metal
Can’t decide what color you want in your wedding jewelry? Don’t worry, you don’t have to! Simply choose a mixed metal band that incorporates rose gold, silver, and gold into one band. Plus, it will match everything!

Does this list give you some inspiration for the ring you are looking for? Visit McGee and Company Fine Jewelers today to get the ring of your dreams!

Why Are People Upset About Amanda Seyfried’s Engagement Ring?

local bridal and wedding jewelry storesIt isn’t out of the ordinary for significant others to consult with each other about engagement rings before the question is popped. In fact, 61% of guys do just that. Wedding jewelry is a very personal choice, and while some like to be wowed with large-diamond engagement rings, some prefer more modest bridal jewelry.

Amanda Seyfried, for example, has been recently seen wearing a simple gold band on her left ring finger following her engagement to actor Thomas Sadoski.

The actress and singer, well known for her film debut in “Mean Girls” and her most recently released film, “Fathers and Daughters,” has been criticized for her modest, dainty band. Social media has been blowing up since the ring was spotted by paparazzi, with Internet users calling the ring “disappointing” and suggesting that her marriage will end in divorce. These online trolls helpfully suggested that she’ll get a bigger, better ring next time around.

Many people live vicariously through the celebrities whose lives are constantly flashing before us, but it is good to take a step back and remember that they are only human and have wants and needs just like ours. Seyfried has been proudly sporting her engagement ring — as she should! — and it appears as if she is happy with it.

Not all jewelry has to be expensive, even the jewelry worn by wealthy celebrities. Every couple to be wed deserves the bridal jewelry that they want, not what others want for them. That’s why why browsing local bridal and wedding jewelry stores can help you find something uniquely special, and not just a representation of what popular culture thinks engagement rings should look like.

Custom jewelers are able to help you design your own special ring, with whatever stone, setting, and band you desire. Even better, they can help you find the perfect ring without breaking the bank.

By consulting with jewelers at local bridal and wedding jewelry stores, you can ensure that the ring materials will be sourced and transformed according to the right specifications.

At McGee and Company Fine Jewelers, our family jewelers would be honored to help you find or create the exact ring that you want, whether is is flashy or minimal. Regardless, it will be statement-worthy and unique to you.

When it Comes to Engagement Rings, There is No One-Size-Fits-All

jewelry repairDiamonds and gold are certainly the most popular engagement rings out there for American brides, but that’s often due to a societal expectation. Many brides are willing to try something more unique, like a colored stone or a lab-grown diamond. If you’re looking to pop the question soon but want a more custom jewelry design, be sure to talk to your local jewelers.

Jewelers have eyes for design and will more than likely be happy to help you create a custom piece. Much like jewelry repair, you can replace a stone, resize a band, or even engrave a meaningful message. Many people choose to repurpose family heirlooms with sentimental value for their brides, adding a personal twist.

Contrary to popular belief, fine jewelry does not necessarily have to be extremely expensive. While about a third of people are willing to spend over $1,000 for diamond jewelry, it’s possible to find a special non-diamond stone that is just as beautiful and won’t break the bank.

Some more non-traditional stones can look similar to diamonds, like moissanite, which is softer than a diamond, scoring a 9.52 on Moh’s Scale of Hardness, while diamonds score a perfect 10 as the hardest substance on earth. Moissanite also has a heightened sense of brilliance that will reflect light in a flashier, more colorful way.

Opting for something completely different can be a crap-shoot, but the majority of men say that they discuss what their partner would like before buying the ring. Some options to consider include morganite, which usually ranges from pink to orange-pink and is one of the most popular non-diamond rings today.

Garnets are usually a deep red color, but can be found in virtually any color. That’s because garnet is not just one mineral, but a term used to describe several very closely composed minerals.

If you happen to have a specific stone in mind, consult with your jeweler to see if the stone would be best used in an engagement ring. Since most brides choose to wear their rings every day, the gem you choose should be durable enough to hold up to her everyday life. If you choose a stone too soft, it is more susceptible to surface scratches. While jewelry repair and stone replacement is always an option, that could cost you more in the long run than you initially saved. It’s better to be safe and pick a gem that will last a lifetime.

Searching for the perfect engagement ring or custom jewelry repair in Indianapolis? Then contact McGee Jewelers and find the perfect fit.