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Tips for Creating Perfect Personalized Wedding Rings

You’ve popped the question to your special someone, and now they’re your soon-to-be partner for life! Now’s the time to pick out wedding rings. If you and your partner are among the 42% of women and about 20% of men that consider a 12-18 month engagement an ideal timeframe, then you have plenty of time to create personalized wedding rings.

Let’s delve into some tips on how to create perfect personalized wedding rings during your engagement.

Why Choose Personalized Wedding Rings?

Many couples opt for personalized wedding rings from reputable local jewelers because they can reflect the love shared between them. Personalized wedding rings are simple to create, and you’ll be able to ultimately create your dream ring! Since this is a piece of jewelry you’ll be wearing on your finger for the rest of your life, you want it to be perfect.

The Stone

Local bridal and wedding jewelry stores will have a wide selection of diamonds and other stones to choose from as you’re personalizing your wedding ring. You could choose a traditional diamond, a colored diamond, an emerald, a ruby, an amethyst, a sapphire, an opal, and more for your center stone.

The great thing about personalized wedding rings is the ability to choose a center stone you love – and you may choose that stone for a variety of reasons. Say you were born in September and want a sapphire stone to reflect that. Perhaps women in your family have had opal wedding rings adorn their hands for generations and you’d like to keep the tradition rolling. Or, perhaps you’d like to replicate the wedding ring that belonged to a loved one who has passed on. With personalized wedding rings, you have the freedom to choose a stone you’ll adore forever.

An Engraved Inscription

Another incredible aspect of personalized wedding rings is the ability to include an engraved inscription. Many engaged couples choose to engrave the date they met or the date of their wedding into their personalized wedding rings as a reminder of the special day they’ll always cherish.

Sentimental words and sayings such as “I Love You,” “Always,” and “Forever” are also commonly engraved into wedding rings. You can even engrave each other’s nicknames or initials into your personalized wedding rings. Essentially, if you choose to include engravings, pick something you and your soon-to-be husband or wife will hold dear forever!

Creating personalized wedding rings is an excellent way to kick off your engagement. You can choose a center stone and band you love and even include an engraved inscription to commemorate your love with your soon-to-be partner for life. To learn more about your personalized wedding ring options, contact McGee & Co Fine Jewelers today. We will help you bring your dream ring to life!

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Band Set

The tradition of offering the fiancee an engagement ring began with Maximilian of Austria back in 1477. Maximilian gave his soon-to-be wife Mary of Burgundy a ring that was crafted with mastery and skill. The engagement ring stood as a promise of marriage. Today, the wedding band is a simple yet elegant piece of jewelry that signifies a marriage between two individuals. Let’s explore some tips when choosing that perfect wedding band for your beloved partner.

Begin Searching for the Wedding Band Early

One of the first aspects of choosing the perfect wedding band is to search for it early. While engagement rings are very extravagant and embody a bride’s style, the wedding band is a jewelry purchase that should not be made lightly or at the last minute.

Too often, many couples will wait until the last minute to look for their wedding bands. You want to end up with a ring that will last you a lifetime, so take some time to look for that perfect wedding band and do it early and right after you become engaged. If you want to surprise your beloved with an engraved message or phrase that speaks to what they mean to you, then you will have to take that wedding band to a custom jeweler so that they can engrave the intended message. This takes additional time and effort.

Bring the Engagement Ring With You

As you begin the search for the perfect wedding band set, you want to look to the engagement ring for inspiration and as a piece of fine jewelry that serves as a reference. While there certainly is no rule that you have to follow about pairing your ring with your wedding band set, you want engagement rings to complement the wedding band. Both will be worn together at the same time, so they should look like a harmonious, classy, and custom jewelry ensemble – similar to how you and your partner’s future marriage!

Take Your Lifestyle into Consideration

An additional tip for choosing the perfect wedding band set is to think about your lifestyle. Lots of folks choose to wear their wedding band each day. Will this be what you and your partner will do? Then, you want to choose a wedding band set that is durable and sustainable. Do you work out at the gym or are you a construction worker? If any of your work or play involves lifting and maneuvering with your hands, you want a wedding band that can withstand all that you put your hands through.

It’s important to note that the more intricate wedding bands are, the more care, time, and maintenance you will have to invest in its upkeep. If you’re not up for the regular maintenance that comes with your wedding band, then you want to choose a fuss-free style.

Make Sure Your Wedding Band Is Sized Correctly

The perfect wedding band is one that is sized correctly. Not only can you customize your bridal jewelry, but your wedding jewelry consultant can also size it perfectly. Your fine jewelry consultant will ask about your hands and the potential for them to swell. You also want to keep in mind the warm months, cold months, pregnancy, and your ability to retain water in your hands. Hand sizes change in certain conditions.

That special wedding band needs to fit despite any condition your hand may be in, so schedule a time for a fitting when you are in a relaxed state, not retaining water in your hands, or you have not just come from exercising. Should you need any adjustment made to the wedding band, be sure to connect with your jewelry repair and sizing specialist.

For that perfect wedding band set that you need, we can assist. As your Indianapolis fine jewelry, fashion jewelry, and bridal jewelry specialists, we can create the most exquisite wedding band set for you. Schedule an appointment with us today and allows us the honor of crafting the most amazing wedding band for the person with whom you will spend a lifetime.

The Most Unique Bridal Jewelry Trends to Try Out in 2017

wedding jewelryYour engagement ring is one that you will wear forever to symbolize the love between you and your spouse. No matter if you are a bohemian bride or just want a unique engagement ring to show off on Instagram, there are plenty of fine jewelry options out there that will give you the engagement ring of your dreams.

Here are some of the most unique trends in wedding jewelry that will make your entire bridal party jealous.

Rose gold
Many brides think that their engagement rings can only be set in gold or silver, but this is absolutely not true! Go for something a little unique and have a rose gold setting instead. This shade flatters all skin tones and looks absolutely stunning with a simple, classic solitaire diamond.

Colorful stones
Who says that you have to settle for a classic white diamond for your bridal jewelry? Over half of all brides say that they would wear a colored stone in their engagement ring, such as celebs like Halle Berry or Jessica Simpson. Some colors to consider include ruby, yellow diamonds, black onyx, or sapphire.

Floral accents
Love nature? Incorporate some details from your garden right into your ring. One of the top trends in wedding jewelry right now includes rings with flowers, vines, and vines that circle around the center stone for a feminine touch.

Square bands
No matter the stone, implementing a square band is an extremely sleek and modern touch. It is much more comfortable than a round ring as it won’t pinch the skin on your fingers.

Pear cut diamonds
Pear and marquise diamonds are making a comeback! The best part about them? They instantly slim your fingers and look exceptionally elegant with a thin wedding band.

Double shanks
If you are looking for outstanding bridal jewelry, consider going with a double-shank band, because nothing makes a stronger impression than two diamond encrusted bands! This design also gives any engagement ring a more architectural, fashion-forward look.

Mixed metal
Can’t decide what color you want in your wedding jewelry? Don’t worry, you don’t have to! Simply choose a mixed metal band that incorporates rose gold, silver, and gold into one band. Plus, it will match everything!

Does this list give you some inspiration for the ring you are looking for? Visit McGee and Company Fine Jewelers today to get the ring of your dreams!

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On 8/8/88, Bob and the crew opened the doors to McGee & Company Fine Jewelers. They had one goal, live up to the motto (now trademarked) “Built on Service, Dedicated to Quality.” Twenty-eight years later, and we’re still striving to accomplish that mission daily.

We are proud and delighted to have been a part of the Greenwood and Johnson County community since then and we are honored that you have let us play such a big part in all your special moments.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the past 28 years and here’s to another 28 (and then some)!


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