Get Creative!

Blank mountings and loose gemstones give you the feel of custom for less!

RemountsAndGemsHere are some things to consider before shopping.

  • What type of piece are you looking for – ring, pendant, earrings?
  • What kind of style are you interested in – vintage or modern, detailed or minimalist?
  • Solitaire or semi-mount with diamonds in mounting? What kind of metal?
  • What type and shape of center stone? Looking for a heart-cut diamond or a trillion-cut tanzanite? This is a great way to gift a birthstone or mother’s jewelry.

All of these factors affect one another when putting a piece together. Some stones look great set in rose gold while others get lost in the pink hue. Emeralds are soft stones and don’t work very well in rings that are worn everyday. It may sound complicated, but don’t worry; our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the perfect mounting/stone combination! Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a special someone, you’re sure to leave here with a gorgeous piece of jewelry that can be worn with pride.



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