Looking for a Jeweler You Can Trust? Ask These 3 Questions

local jewelersFor many people in America, the engagement ring is the symbol of love and fidelity. It is the promise of a lifetime of commitment and happiness given physical form. That is why so many people place so much importance on finding the most beautiful ring available.

Of course, this can result in a great deal of pressure on the party buying the engagement ring. That is why 61% of people consult with their partners before choosing which of the engagement rings is for them.

All too often, however, another important advisor is neglected: local jewelers. While many people are wary of jewelers because of the high-pressure sales techniques used in some chains, many local jewelers will go out of their way to make sure the engagement ring you choose is a perfect fit.

This five-minute guide is designed to give you the tools to tell when a jeweler has your best interests at heart.

  1. Ask About Expertise
    You can tell a lot about a jewelry store by the people they hire. Do they have an in-house expert on fine jewelry? An in-house custom jewelry designer? Whether you are working with local jewelers or a big chain, the people working there should be able to answer all of your questions, or at least point out the employee you can.
  2. Ask About Certification and Appraisal
    Whether you are looking for a wedding band or custom jewelry, it is important to make sure that your jeweler is going through the proper channels to have their diamonds and precious gems verified.

    You should always ask for a third party certificate when buying diamonds. There are a number of reputable and independent labs that offer the services, including the Gemological Institutes of America, American Gem Society and more. The certificate should say if the stone is natural and what treatments have been applied, as well as listing color, carat, and diamond quality.
  3. Ask About the In-House Services They Offer
    It is important to know what a jeweler can and cannot do. A gemologist has expertise in precious and semi-precious stones and can be amazingly helpful when trying to find the right stone for your personal tastes and your budget. A Bench Jeweler can resize and even repair your ring. The more services that are offered, the more likely they are to be invested in the quality of your ring and ensuring your happiness.

Local jewelers are your best tool for finding the perfect engagement rings for your partner. Using these tips can help you feel more at ease when looking at engagement and wedding rings.

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