Thinking of Purchasing Jewelry? Consider Doing Business with Local Jewelers

Giving the gift of jewelry is a very special and personal decision. Whatever style you are looking for – classical, modern, custom, or even estate jewelry – finding the right jeweler is the key to a successful jewelry purchase. Offering outstanding customer service, a great selection, and an established presence within a community, local jewelers are often a great place to shop. Here are some of the different types of jewelry that you can expect to find at your local jewelry store.

Bridal Jewelry

There is no doubt that shopping for bridal jewelry is one of the most exciting purchases you will ever make. Choosing bridal jewelry is a very personal decision based on many factors, including budget and style preferences. From engagement rings to wedding rings, you will find a good selection – including designers such as Henri Daussi. Local jewelers also have the ability to order a specific item(s) for you, if they do not currently have it in stock. And don’t forget the groom! Men’s wedding rings in tungsten and titanium are among the many choices available. And a recent trend in men’s jewelry is engagement rings, which 29% of the guys today say that they would be happy to wear!

Fashion Jewelry

Sapphires, emeralds, amethyst, rubies! Who can resist these glamorous gems? The world of fashion jewelry is sparkling, dazzling, exciting, sophisticated, and most of all, ever-changing! Jewelry stores are constantly updating their stock, and attending national and international jewelry shows. They have the most updated, modern, and trending styles available, including designers such as Andrea Candela, Gabriel & Co., Gregg Ruth, and more. And the most wonderful part is that there is a fashion jewelry trend for every taste, age bracket, and budget!

Custom Jewelry

Custom jewelry pieces are one-of-a-kind creations that reflect an individual point of view. They are very personal and convey a message filled with emotional significance. Quite frequently, diamonds are part of the design of a piece of custom jewelry. Whether it is a pair of diamond earrings, or a diamond necklace, bracelet, or ring, the sentimental value of a piece of custom jewelry is the ultimate expression of a deep and lasting emotional bond between the gift-giver and the lucky recipient.


One of the most coveted gifts for men and women in the world of fine jewelry is an exquisite, well-made watch. Brands such as Movado, Citizen Eco-Drive, Tissot, and others represent the finest in craftsmanship and precision. These gorgeous creations are the perfect fusion of functionality and aesthetics. Many fine watches are kept by families and handed down through the generations.

Closeout Jewelry

There is always a new, surprising treasure in the closeout jewelry section! Items of closeout jewelry are often sensational values. These pieces are usually items that are one-of-a-kind or from another season, and not available to be restocked or reordered. Sometimes the store owner will come across a great item at a fantastic price; and selling these items as closeout jewelry offerings adds a fresh, interesting dimension to the store’s inventory.

Estate Jewelry

When you enter the world of estate jewelry, it’s like taking a trip back in time. Travel around the world and back to another age as you experience the glamour of a Tiffany masterpiece from the Art Deco era or a diamond necklace from the Art Nouveau period. Savor the sophistication of a sensational lapel pin by Paloma Picasso or a Cartier panther bracelet. There is much significance involved in estate jewelry; not only does each piece represent a beautiful artistic creation, but estate jewelry also is a souvenir of someone from the past who represents a very special time gone by.


The gift of jewelry is one of the most personal, intimate gifts that one individual can give another. When you shop with local jewelers, you will find a business that is part of a community, in many instances for more than one generation. It is the personal touch that sets local jewelers apart from other big-name chain stores. Shopping with local jewelers creates not just a purchase, but a very special experience that turns into a memory which customers cherish forever.

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