3 Tips for Maintaining Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry and watches are an investment in beauty. When you are making the leap to buy beautiful jewelry, you should be prepared to have that jewelry purchase stand the test of time. Here are some important tips to remember when you make your jewelry purchase.

Get Insurance

Insuring your jewelry is a smart decision because you are covered for jewelry or watch repair should the need arise. Every year an estimated 38 million Americans buy fine jewelry or watches, and it is likely that many of those pieces will eventually become damaged in some way. It is inevitable that jewelry or watch repair will become necessary at some point in your life if you buy fine jewelry, and an insurance policy will help you be prepared in the case of damage.

Take Your Jewelry for Maintenance

Your fine jewelry or watch store will most likely give you the opportunity to have your jewelry shined after a set amount of time. Make sure to take advantage of this service–the store that sells you your fine jewelry may know the best practices for handling it.

If your store does not offer jewelry or watch repair or maintenance, make sure to find a reputable shop to get your beautiful jewelry repaired, cleaned, and overall spruced up.

Take Potential Damage into Account

Taking a piece of personalized jewelry, like your wedding band, everywhere is doable because the ring is designed with daily wear in mind. However, some pieces of jewelry are not designed to be worn every single day. When you are putting on your fine jewelry or watch, think about whether or not the jewelry will stand the test of the day. For example, if you’re going swimming in the ocean, even your wedding band may not be the right choice to bring with you. In the case of losing your ring, you would need even more than a repair–you would need a complete replacement. Though many insurance policies will completely cover the cost of replacement, losing a piece of sentimental jewelry may be difficult.

These tips can help you begin to think more about how to protect your beautiful jewelry, but in the case that you need jewelry or watch repair it is a good idea to get your jewelry looked at sooner rather than later.

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