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Happy Birthday, August Babies!

August’s birthstone is PERIDOT!

Peridot [per-i-doh] artifacts and mining date back to as early as 1500 B.C. Ancient Romans were big fans of Peridot. Cleopatra also loved Peridots, but probably because she mistook them for her favorite gem – emeralds.

Some of the legendary uses of Peridot were to calm anger and sooth nerves, ward against evil, and nurture friendships. Peridot was believed to bring luck, success, and peace to its wearer. With lore like that, it’s no surprise that relics decorated with Peridot can be found in Medieval churches in Europe.

As opposed to stones like sapphire and garnet that come in many colors, Peridot only comes in green. It can range from yellowish green to brownish green to true green. Yellowish green is the color most often found in jewelry.

Miners can find Peridot around the world, including Myanmar and China. One of the largest sources on Earth is here in the U.S. –  on the San Carlos Apache Reservation in Arizona. Some Peridot gems have even been found in meteorites!

You can safely clean your Peridot jewelry in warm, soapy water. Avoid steam cleaners and ultra sonic cleaners. Stop in today to see our selection of Peridot jewelry!

sterling silver bracelet with peridots
Sterling silver tennis bracelet with peridot.
white gold pendant with peridot and diamonds
Pendant with Peridot center stone and diamond accents
white gold ring with peridot and diamonds
Freeform ring with Peridot center stone and diamond side stones

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

We’ve got you covered!

Stackable birthstone rings are a trendy way to represent multiple kids!

stackable birthstone rings stackable birthstone rings

Birthstone pendants can be worn as a single necklace or layered – another versatile way to show love for one or more children!

birthstone pendants








Diamond Jewelry – if you can swing it, you know Mom deserves diamonds! We’ve got great looks for a few hundred or a few thousand dollars. How much grief have you given Mom this year?

two stone diamond jewelry diamond pendants

Gold-dipped roses are an annual favorite here. Flowers that never fade, just like your love for Mom! Start a bouquet today.

gold dipped rose gifts

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms out there! As a mom myself, I know we don’t do all the hard work for the gift once a year (although it’s nice to be recognized). We do it for the sloppy toddler kisses, the joy of watching our children try something new and succeed, the feeling of pride when we see our kids being kind or generous, anytime they let us know we’re raising good people. I’ve never known a harder job, or a more rewarding one. It sure is an adventure!