4 Tips to Help You Purchase Jewelry Like a Pro

We buy fine jewelry as a way of expressing our love, appreciation, and commitment to the special people in our lives, or for fashion purposes. It’s estimated that 38 million Americans will purchase fine jewelry or watches in any given year. To buy top-quality bridal jewelry or fashion jewelry, you should purchase from the trusted jeweler near you.

Here are 4 tips to consider when purchasing jewelry.

1. Consult With an Experienced and Reputable Jeweler

If you’re buying jewelry for the first time, it may be hard to differentiate between real and plated jewelry. Although there are ways to know if your jewelry is the real thing or just plated, you may not have the time to conduct such experiments. It is easier if you consult an experienced gemologist when buying fine jewelry. That’s why the top jewelry shops usually employ expert gemologists to certify all their pieces. When you purchase jewelry from a top jeweler, it won’t matter what type of gemstones you purchase — diamonds, emerald, or sapphire — you’ll be sure that they’re genuine and of high-quality.

2. Know What Type of Metal You Prefer

The type of metal you pick for your ring matters, especially when choosing wedding rings. Your choice will be influenced by your taste and color choice. Luckily, metals can be strengthened and colored without losing their original quality. If you want shiny personalized rings, you may opt for silver. Sterling silver has a wonderful and white luster that is perfect for wedding jewelry.

For classic beauty that oozes class and opulence, you can choose white gold or yellow gold. Gold is mostly alloyed with other metals such as copper, zinc, nickel, palladium, or silver to strengthen it and change its color. Jewelry made from pure gold is classic and costly too. When buying gold jewelry, you will want to know how many karats the gold has. Pure gold is 24 karats, while 18 karats gold contains 75% gold, and 25% of other metals such as copper or silver. Platinum is another favorite metal for jewelry that’s the purest precious metal. It is a white metal that is extremely dense and even more expensive than gold.

3. Consider Custom Made Jewelry

When buying jewelry for your loved one, you may opt for custom jewelry, especially for bridal jewelry. The top jeweler can build you a perfect piece from scratch, or fabricate existing jewelry to add a unique touch. With custom jewelry, you get to choose the specifications you want. If you’re looking to make a lasting impression on your significant other, opt for custom wedding jewelry. Personalized jewelry is also the go-to choice for people in the showbiz and fashion industry.

You can have a custom jeweler make gold rings with engravings, or add a monogram or a birthstone to your jewelry. Custom jewelry is a thoughtful and practical gift to give your loved ones as birthday presents. Today, many jewelers have online platforms where you can customize your jewelry before ordering.

4. Confirm the Ring Size of Your Loved One Before Purchasing an Engagement Ring

Having the exact ring size of your spouse will help you get a fitting engagement ring or wedding ring. It will save you the embarrassing situation of buying a ring that doesn’t fit your partner. Although you can always have your jeweler resize a ring, it attracts extra and unwanted costs. Sometimes, resizing a ring may affect the overall quality, especially if there are big adjustments to be made.

The above-discussed tips will help you buy the best quality of fine jewelry. When buying jewelry, trust the top jeweler with a solid reputation. The top jeweler will also offer other services such as ring sizing, chain and clasp repair, even pearl and bead restringing, and stone setting and replacement. Before buying your desired piece, ask a jeweler all you need to know about the jewelry. The best jewelers will help you get the best piece within your budget without sacrificing quality.

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