Tips for Creating Perfect Personalized Wedding Rings

You’ve popped the question to your special someone, and now they’re your soon-to-be partner for life! Now’s the time to pick out wedding rings. If you and your partner are among the 42% of women and about 20% of men that consider a 12-18 month engagement an ideal timeframe, then you have plenty of time to create personalized wedding rings.

Let’s delve into some tips on how to create perfect personalized wedding rings during your engagement.

Why Choose Personalized Wedding Rings?

Many couples opt for personalized wedding rings from reputable local jewelers because they can reflect the love shared between them. Personalized wedding rings are simple to create, and you’ll be able to ultimately create your dream ring! Since this is a piece of jewelry you’ll be wearing on your finger for the rest of your life, you want it to be perfect.

The Stone

Local bridal and wedding jewelry stores will have a wide selection of diamonds and other stones to choose from as you’re personalizing your wedding ring. You could choose a traditional diamond, a colored diamond, an emerald, a ruby, an amethyst, a sapphire, an opal, and more for your center stone.

The great thing about personalized wedding rings is the ability to choose a center stone you love – and you may choose that stone for a variety of reasons. Say you were born in September and want a sapphire stone to reflect that. Perhaps women in your family have had opal wedding rings adorn their hands for generations and you’d like to keep the tradition rolling. Or, perhaps you’d like to replicate the wedding ring that belonged to a loved one who has passed on. With personalized wedding rings, you have the freedom to choose a stone you’ll adore forever.

An Engraved Inscription

Another incredible aspect of personalized wedding rings is the ability to include an engraved inscription. Many engaged couples choose to engrave the date they met or the date of their wedding into their personalized wedding rings as a reminder of the special day they’ll always cherish.

Sentimental words and sayings such as “I Love You,” “Always,” and “Forever” are also commonly engraved into wedding rings. You can even engrave each other’s nicknames or initials into your personalized wedding rings. Essentially, if you choose to include engravings, pick something you and your soon-to-be husband or wife will hold dear forever!

Creating personalized wedding rings is an excellent way to kick off your engagement. You can choose a center stone and band you love and even include an engraved inscription to commemorate your love with your soon-to-be partner for life. To learn more about your personalized wedding ring options, contact McGee & Co Fine Jewelers today. We will help you bring your dream ring to life!

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