Bridal Jewelry & Wedding Rings in Indianapolis

We proudly carry a huge selection of bridal jewelry and wedding rings in Indianapolis, from many companies - too many options to show them all to you. Check out the websites of some of our designers to see what each one can offer.
  • Hello, Halos! Diamond accents around the centerstone add lots of sparkle.

  • Bridal sets create a cohesive look by matching the band perfectly to the engagement ring.

  • Rings with a braided look are on trend for contemporary brides.

  • Don't forget the groom! Gent's bands in gold and alternative metals, with or without stones.

Artcarved has been producing bridal jewelry since 1850. Their innovative manufacturing techniques and unique designs have kept them on top of the industry. CLICK HERE.


ASPIRI™ cut diamonds are the highlight of this line of bridal jewelry. Using a unique cutting technique, their craftsmen produce a cushion brilliant cut that catches the light from all angles, and gives you a bigger look for a smaller price. Each ASPIRI™ diamond is set in a halo to produce a striking visual effect and is AGS certified. CLICK HERE.

Their name says it all. “Caro” is Italian for beloved and their diamonds feature 74 facets instead of the normal 56. These rings have unmatched sparkle! CLICK HERE.

Diana’s history goes back to 1925. Since then, they continue to reinterpret their timeless designs for contemporary brides and grooms. CLICK HERE.

Gabriel NY @ McGee Jewelers
Founded by two brothers, Gabriel & Co. are artisans passionate about celebrating love and life’s relationships. Their extensive line is a blend of classic and fashion-forward design. CLICK HERE.

Gelin Abaci
The premier designer in tension-set jewelry, Gelin Abaci continues to develop unique styles and makes each ring to your specifications. Tension settings allow more light to pass through your diamond, which gives your ring more brilliance and sparkle than any other setting. CLICK HERE.

I.B. Goodman
I.B. Goodman has been manufacturing fine jewelry since 1937. Making their name in fraternal jewelry, they added diamonds to the mix and quickly became a leader in men’s bridal jewelry. CLICK HERE.

Levy Creations
Levy Creations strives to provide bridal jewelry with unsurpassed beauty and quality. Their attention to detail is evident in each of their unique styles that are sure to wow. CLICK HERE.

Mercury Ring
Mercury Ring, a family-owned manufacturing company, proudly offers more than 700 styles. With a variety of size, price, and diamond shape, Mercury has something for everyone. CLICK HERE.

North American
Imaginative designs and detailed manufacturing make North American Jewelers stand out from the crowd. Their innovative products and services are sure to please.

Peter Storm @ McGee Jewelers

Designer jewelry and a family-owned and operated company - such a fun combination in the jewelry world! Peter's designs speak volumes of his passion for art and the belief that every ring sold is a love story. These styles are the stuff of dreams! CLICK HERE.


Rego, a company operated by the past four generations of an Ohio family, combines interesting designs, high-quality materials, and skilled craftsmanship to create outstanding bridal jewelry. CLICK HERE.


This family-owned business is in its second generation of designing and creating stunning, high quality bridal jewelry. Their special RomanceWhite™ gold alloy gives the look and shine of platinum without the hefty pricetag. Check out their amazing selection of vintage-inspired and cool contemporary designs. CLICK HERE.

From vintage looks to solitaires, from gent’s patterned bands to diamond wedding bands, Stuller has it all! A huge selection paired with excellent customer service makes this a standout company. CLICK HERE.


True Romance
This collection of unique pieces reflects classic American design. The quality and brilliance of True Romance’s diamonds draws the attention of today’s sophisticated brides. CLICK HERE.

The bridal line from Zē stands out with its distinctive designs and timeless quality. Express your love with an imaginative piece that displays your individual style. CLICK HERE.