4 Tips for Choosing Outstanding Jewelry For Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is a special day for you to shine. When picking out the perfect wedding dress, you may want to purchase wedding jewelry to complete your look. Here are four tips for choosing outstanding bridal jewelry for your wedding day.

Select a Few Key Pieces

Be careful not to overdo it when choosing bridal jewelry. Select a few key pieces that will complement one another and not take attention away from your wedding dress. If your gown has an ornate neckline, opt for drop earrings rather than a necklace. A choker goes well with a sweetheart neckline or strapless dress.

Match the Style and Fabric of Your Dress

If the style of your dress is simple, choose bold fashion jewelry for a stunning look. If your dress is more ornate, choose simple custom jewelry that accentuates your dress and helps it stand out. The color of the fine jewelry you choose will depend on the fabric of your wedding dress. Gold works best with ivory, while platinum and silver work best with white gowns. By creating the right contrast, you’ll create a stunning look perfect for memorializing in your wedding album.

Minimize the Number of Metals

Too many metals can spoil your wedding look. Keep the number of metals you choose down to two complementary types. Since 75% of American brides receive an engagement ring from gold and diamonds, another complementary metal could be platinum or white gold.

Opt For Comfort

When you’re shopping for outstanding bridal jewelry, you may want to keep comfort in mind. You’ll be wearing these pieces for hours while you celebrate. Bulky pieces can become cumbersome and cause neck strain over time. Choose light pieces that won’t weigh you down and ruin your special day.

The outstanding bridal jewelry piece you choose will help you feel more beautiful and confident on your wedding day. Make sure you get your pieces from a jeweler you can trust. If you’re looking for beautiful jewelry for your wedding day, visit McGee & Company Fine Jewelers. We’ll help you select the perfect pieces to help you shine on your wedding day.

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