7 Things No One Tells You about Engagement Rings

Buying bridal jewelry is not as simple as many might tend to think. Thousands of people have suffered disappointments after their engagement rings were turned down by people they love. Therefore, you need to be cautious and avoid making a mistake that will lead to your loved one turning down your proposal based on your wedding band selection skills.

Before visiting the local bridal and wedding jewelry stores, you need to have some fundamental tips of what type of fashion jewelry you want. If you intend to purchase custom jewelry for your loved one, here are some of the few tips that can guide you to the best selection possible.


1. Jewelry Material

Local bridal and wedding jewelry stores have jewelry made from different materials. Therefore, you need to know what type of material you will consider for your loved one. Silver and platinum are some possible jewelry materials that you can choose for your partner. However, studies show that 75 percent of brides in the United States receive engagement rings made from diamonds and gold. You should also make a case for gold or diamond for your partner because she’s not an exception.


2. Jewelry Design

Whenever you are buying a ring or a bracelet for your partner, you should make sure that you pay attention to the design used. Local bridal and wedding jewelry stores have multiple designs on their shelves that they want to market to their customers. In as much as you would like to buy fashion jewelry, make sure that you select a jewelry design that has relevance and meaning to your loved one.


3. Jewelry Customization

The consumer market is changing fast and people are currently interested in products that have been made to suit their tastes and preferences. Therefore, make sure that you look for a custom jewelry designer to design jewelry that will resonate with the attributes of your partner. You can easily get a custom bridal jewelry from the local bridal and wedding jewelry stores. Every person will appreciate wedding jewelry that has their names inscribed on it.


4. Personal Traits

Understanding the personal traits of your loved one will give you a hint of what type of jewelry will work for them. Get something that matches the daily life of your partner. For example, you need to understand whether your partner is active and whether she uses her hands mainly for her job. In such circumstances, she will need something lightweight or made from durable materials than someone who leads a manicured life.


5. Consider the 4C’s

If you ask every man, buying a proposal ring or jewelry for their spouses is the most stressful thing in life. You don’t know how she will react to it, and more so, you might not know her tastes and preferences. Given that there is a high possibility that you will buy her a diamond ring, incorporating the 4C’s; diamond’s color, clarity, carat, and cut will make everything less stressful. You don’t want to spend a fortune on a diamond ring that is not shiny enough or one that has rough edges.


6. Get some Advice

You might be a private person but ring shopping requires knowledge and experience. It is time to allow some trusted friends in your inner circle and let them give you some guidance in the ring selection process. Get help from people who are already engaged and take them out to your first ring shopping and ask them about your opinions.


7. Budget Implications

The amount of money you will spend on your wedding ring is a major factor that you should analyze before making your final decision. Local bridal and wedding jewelry stores classify wedding rings and other jewelry in terms of price and quality. In as much as you don’t want to look expensive or complicated, spare some extra dollars and purchase something that will grasp the attention of your partner.


McGee and Co. offers fine and high-quality fine jewelry to a plethora of customers who are buying wedding and proposal rings. We offer customized services while at the same time designing jewelry to meet the tastes and preferences of our customers.

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