Better Than A Bouquet: 5 Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mom Will Love

personalized ringsMother’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s high time to start thinking about what you can do this year to show your mom how much you appreciate everything she does.

Instead of gifting your mom with the same old flowers you give her every year or even the dreaded picture frame, take a look at the following Mother’s Day gift ideas to inspire you to do something a little more personal.

  1. Personalized rings. Personalized rings are a unique yet classic gift idea for Mother’s Day. Custom rings can be engraved with your mom’s name, an important date, or even decorated with her birthstone.
  2. Spa day. Everyone deserves a spa day now and then, but especially your mom. Instead of giving her a gift card, though, consider making a day out of it. Not only is a spa day better with someone you love, but your mom will also enjoy spending quality time with you. The personal time you spend with her is what makes this Mother’s Day gift special, not just the massages and skin treatments.
  3. New bedsheets. How long has your mom been talking about needing to change up the master bedroom? Consider getting her that bed set she’s had her eye on for a while. Or, if you’re worried about picking the wrong comforter, go for some new bedsheets that are durable, comfortable, and soft.
  4. A weekend getaway. Millennials aren’t the only ones who want to experience more in life. Another great Mother’s Day gift idea is to take your mom out for a weekend getaway to a nearby city or even to a local bed and breakfast. Don’t worry so much about the destination for this gift. Instead, focus on the experience itself.
  5. Fine jewelry. If rings and vacations aren’t quite your mom’s thing, fine jewelry makes for a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. Consider giving her a reason to wear it too by taking her out for a nice dinner or to a play. She’ll appreciate the extra surprise.

Up to one-third of those who buy diamond jewelry say they’re willing to spend more than $1,000. Give your mom something that will take her breath away this Mother’s Day. For more information on personalized rings and custom jewelry, contact McGee Jewelers today.

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