Birthstone Spotlight – May

May’s birthstone is EMERALD.

White gold pendant with emeralds and diamondsFor over 4,000 years we’ve been intrigued and enchanted by emeralds! One of the most famous emerald collectors was Cleopatra, who received them as gifts from Alexander the Great. Early Spanish explorers encountered South American emeralds in their dealings with Inca and Aztec peoples. Today, Colombian mines produce some of the world’s finest specimens.

Two-tone gold ring with emerald and diamonds

This stone has long been regarded as a symbol of fertility, rebirth, and springtime. The most prized varieties are the color of green grass. In ancient Rome, emeralds were valued for their protective qualities and calming effects. Other folklore attributes include healing (especially eyes), fortune, and wisdom.

White gold emerald and diamond hoop earrings

As a softer stone, emeralds require a little extra care; they work best in settings that aren’t worn every day. Avoid steam and ultrasonic cleaners, as well as strong detergents. We would be happy to clean your emerald jewelry for you! Stop in for a free inspection and cleaning today.


Happy Birthday, May Babies!

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