Bridal Jewelry Trends for Your Wedding Day

Picking out the perfect wedding gown is almost impossible, especially with the pressure that gets put on a wedding and the amount of top bridal styles available. Even once you have chosen the perfect dress for that special day, though, it can still feel like it’s lacking something special. You may be looking for something to complement the dress to stand out on your wedding day. That’s where bridal jewelry comes into play. Beautiful jewelry complements the dress that the bride is wearing and makes her look and feel exactly as she always dreamed.

While classic and top bridal styles will always be popular, it’s also good to know what is trending to accessorize your outfit. Here are a few current trends in bridal jewelry.

The Modern Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are a key piece of the top bridal styles, making up an amazing bridal outfit and often treated as a showpiece for years to come. They’re also symbolic of the love that two people share. That’s why a common trend in engagement rings is to get a custom ring, which is designed to perfectly fit what the bride desires and even includes messages of love.

There is also an increase of brides who are opting for a band style engagement ring rather than a diamond one and a separate wedding band. This modern trend actually dates back to an older tradition, based in Europe. Even rings with color, as some celebrities have worn, are growing in popularity, as 52% of women say they’d wear a ring with a colored stone for an engagement ring. However, the classic diamond ring is still the most popular choice.

Including Green Tones Is on the Rise

The old adage says that you should be wearing something blue on your wedding day, but green is increasing in popularity too. Emerald earrings, or a necklace that incorporates jade, and similar jewelry choices are becoming more and more common. It makes sense, too. Depending on the bride’s eye color, green may complement them better than the color blue does. Other people may just prefer the color green and want to incorporate it in some way. That’s before family heirlooms and other items of importance are considered for weddings. Even if it’s not green, brides certainly don’t want plain, all-white styled weddings anymore. They want the chance to incorporate some color and stand out.

Wide Diamond Bracelets

Bracelets act as a complement to the outfit as a whole, but wide diamond bracelets steal the show. It’s outside the traditional box for a wedding, sure, with many women still choose to go for a tennis bracelet instead. However, the wide diamond bracelet is a statement piece that stands out on a bride’s wrist. For women who want to look as glamorous as possible, they’re an amazing option.

Collar Length Necklaces

A collar length necklace is one that sits below where a choker would be worn but above a traditional necklace. They’re growing in popularity, not just among top bridal styles, but in everyday life. A lot of times these necklaces are large statement pieces that stand out, while some brides prefer a more subtle piece of fine jewelry. A lot of brides also choose to layer their necklaces for the effect that they give, which makes for a statement in its own right but is still highlighted by a collar length necklace.

A wedding is such an important day for a bride. Everything needs to be as close to perfect as possible. However, finding the right jewelry to complement a bride’s style, desires, and wedding dress is difficult, requiring the right jeweler and a lot of determination. Personalized jewelry and custom rings are great options that ensure perfection.

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