Color Diamonds

mocha and white diamonds set in rose and white gold ring on blue backgroundLet’s continue to celebrate April’s birthstone with a look at some colorful diamonds!

One of the biggest factors affecting the value of color diamonds is the rarity of the color. The most accessible diamonds of color are the ones of brown, grey, and black hues. Then come the yellows. These are followed by pinks, blues and greens. The very rarest are reds, purples and oranges.

Within each color family, the strength of the color impacts the value. The most expensive stones are the ones with the most vivid colors. If you are on a certain budget, but really want a pink diamond for example, consider one with lighter color. You can stay within your price point and then use a strategic mounting to make the diamond “pop”.

Clarity also impacts the value of color diamonds, not just white ones! Some colors are more predisposed to inclusions and blemishes due to the formation process. Yellow and blue diamonds tend to be the clearest.

The cut of the stone is another aspect of the value of color diamonds. Due to demand and cutting technique, the most expensive are round, princess, and emerald cuts.

The final factor in the pricing puzzle is size. If two stones are the same in cut, color and clarity, the larger stone will be worth more.

All of the qualities affecting the value of white diamonds also factor into the value of color diamonds. The only difference is the rarity of the color and the intensity or strength of that color takes precedence over the other elements of the stone.

 pendant of blue and white diamonds on blue background yellow and white diamond ring on blue background black and white diamond ring on blue background

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