Don’t Forget Your Skin Tone When Shopping For Your Wedding Ring

beautiful jewelryWhen shopping for beautiful jewelry, women often look for metals that complement their skin tone. However, when it comes to engagement and wedding rings, the color of the band is often forgotten in lieu of the diamond. This can be a detrimental mistake as skin tone often influences what colors we look best in.

Before you choose your engagement ring or the engagement ring of your partner at your local jeweler, consider the two categories of skin tone — cool and warm — and how the metal in different types of wedding rings and engagement rings might complement them.

Cool Skin Tones
A person has a cool skin tone if their veins appear blue through the surface of the skin. People with cool skin tones tend to look particularly beautiful in rose gold, white gold, and silver. Rose gold, in particular, is a popular choice for people with cooler tones. However, keep in mind is that rose gold is a contemporary color choice in terms of engagement rings and wedding bands. Therefore, you should think about the long term and whether or not you’ll still love the color choice of your ring years in the future.

Warm Skin Tones
On the opposite side of the spectrum are warm skin tones, which is when a person’s veins appear green beneath the surface of the skin. Of those American brides who received engagement rings, 75% of those rings were made from gold and diamonds. Those with warm skin tones look incredible in beautiful jewelry made from yellow gold. However, rose gold isn’t an exclusive color for those of cool skin tones. Those with dark skin bring out the feminine quality of rose gold and the color looks wonderful when placed in contrast either with pale or dark skin.

Beautiful jewelry made of different metals can complement people of different skin tones. However, when it comes to an engagement or wedding ring, the choice is ultimately yours. If a particular metal feels good to you and you love a specific ring, then listen to your heart. After all, your ring is a symbol and it should be a symbol you love.

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