Popping the Question? First Choose a Diamond Shape

engagement ringsWedding season is upon us and love is definitely in the air. Before popping the question, 61% of men consult with their girlfriends prior to purchasing wedding jewelry. Nowadays, women aren’t the only ones sporting engagement rings. A recent study reveals that 29% of men agreed that they too would wear one. To help decide which diamond shape best suits your spouse, here is a little information about the different diamond shapes.

Being the most searched for diamond shapes today, the round, brilliant cut diamond is the most popular diamond of all. For just about 100 years, diamond cutters have developed advanced techniques to enhance the brilliance of a round diamond. Not only is it the most popular diamond shape, but it also allows more flexibility in balancing cut, color, and clarity grades. You can get all these things and still have the fire and brilliance you desire.

The most popular, non-round diamond is by far the princess cut diamond. This unique, yet stunning cut makes it a top choice for engagement rings. It features pointed corners, and when choosing a color, remember that its hue may be visible in its corners. While typically found in a square shape, you may find local jewelers with varying square or rectangular shapes.

Its pavilion is what makes this diamond shape stand out from the rest. It is cut with rectangular facets to produce a unique optical appearance. Similar to the princess cut, emerald cuts can also vary in how rectangular they are. If you prefer emerald cut engagement rings with a distinct square shape, ask the diamond cutter to highlight the clarity of the diamond.

Almost identical to an emerald cut, the Asscher-cut is definitively square in shape. It also has a pavilion that is cut with rectangular facets the same way an emerald-cut is. When deciding on color grade, keep in mind that while a J-color, non-round diamond has a higher price tag, color may be visible in the corners.

The shape of this diamond can capitalize on karat weight and give the appearance of a much larger diamond. When paired with round or pear-shaped stones on the side, this brilliant-cut diamond looks stunning. One added bonus is that the shape of a marquise diamond gives the illusion of a longer, slender finger.

In the fine jewelry industry, the cushion shape has been popular for more than a century. Also referred to as “pillow-cut” diamonds, this shape has rounded corners and large facets to enhance its brilliance. They range in shape from square to rectangular and have large facets to highlight clarity.

Contrary to belief, not all women prefer a diamond as an engagement ring. In fact, 52% of surveyed brides said they would wear a colored stone. Some of the most outstanding bridal jewelry have been a unique balance of tradition mixed with custom jewelry design. All in all, when choosing the shape of the stone, make sure it is as special and stunning as the person it is intended for.

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