Shopping for Personalized Wedding Jewelry? Here’s What You Need to Know

Planning out a wedding is a complex process. There are many hurdles to overcome. Some of them you may be prepared to handle, while others tend to just pop up out of the blue. Preparing for your wedding jewelry is one thing that you can control, though. By taking the necessary time to find a jeweler to help you with the process is one of the best ways to make the process that much easier on both you and your spouse. But many people don’t know how to start or where to look for personalized bridal jewelry. Here are a few simple ideas to get you started.

Set Your Budget and Timeline

Did you know that 42% of women prefer a longer 12-18 month engagement whereas only half that many men think that’s the ideal timeframe? Wherever you may happen to fall on that spectrum, it’s a good idea to give yourself plenty of time to find the right rings. Far too many people make the mistake of thinking they can just rush into a purchase at the last minute. But when it comes to finding that perfect piece of jewelry for your big day, time is one of your best friends. With an ample timeline, you can be sure that you’re confident in your choice. The same goes for your budget. Know where you stand with your finances so that you’re clear on what you can (or cannot) spend on wedding jewelry.

Ask About Jewelry Repair Services

We all know that accidents happen. When it comes to your personalized bridal jewelry, this is no exception. Sure, we would all like to think that our treasured personal items such as our jewelry purchases are immune to the mishaps of the world, but sadly that’s just not the case. This is why it’s always a wise idea to go with a jeweler who can offer continued support for your personalized bridal jewelry further down the line if you run into any problems.

How can you find such a jeweler in the first place? And why does it even matter? Well, for one, it’s helpful to note that any jeweler you trust with your personalized bridal jewelry should be one who you also trust to repair it if it breaks or needs adjustments. When you deal with the same jewelry store who you provided you with the original piece, then you can rest assured that they are familiar with all the details of the jewelry. This means repairs and fixes will be far less complicated. Taking your broken wedding jewelry to a different jewelry provider can lead to confusion and lackluster service in the end. It never hurts to take a little extra time finding a jeweler who can both provide you with the right pieces, and offer repair services if you should ever need them.

In order to find the right jewelry store, try asking around for some suggestions from people you know and trust. Sometimes just getting the opinion of a trusted friend, family member, or co-worker can be enough to get you started on the right path toward securing that perfect piece of personalized bridal jewelry.

Are you ready to begin picking out personalized engagement rings, wedding rings, or any other type of custom jewelry? Well, don’t hesitate to reach out and get in touch with a member of our team today. At McGee & Company Fine Jewelers we take pride in each and every piece of jewelry that we supply. We can’t wait to help you find the perfect pieces of custom bridal jewelry for your big day.

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